About Me

I am a first year osteopathic medical student at The University of North Texas Health Science Center (TCOM) in Fort Worth, Texas. Here are some things you should know about me and my blog:

1. I love to learn. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to attend medical school until about a month before I began. I struggled with committing myself to a career path that would require me to be in school/training for 7+ years before I could be autonomous, not to mention the tumultuous amount of debt I would ensue. I considered other healthcare options, namely Physician’s Assistant programs. Ultimately I decided that medical school was the path for me because it will allow me to exercise my passion for service to others as well as challenge me intellectually in the maximum capacity. I want to use this blog to share some of the exciting medical things I learn throughout medical school so I can begin sharing my (currently very limited) knowledge to educate others.

2. Relationships first. Although I am entering a career that requires me to sacrifice much of my time for my studies, I will always find time to nurture my relationships. I am very close to my family, a few best friends, and my boyfriend, Julian. Julian is also beginning medical school this year in San Antonio, Texas. We have been dating for over a year and I’m sure he’s the one. We spent everyday over the past year together and now we are separated by a 4 hour drive through the Texas Hill Country, which doesn’t sound so bad until you remember that we are both in medical school. I anticipate not only learning a lot about the human body and medicine over the next 4 years, but also about myself and relationships. My emphasis on relationships will propel my in the field of medicine as I cherish the relationships with my patients just as I do my current relationships. So, stay tuned for some ground-breaking relationship advice and revelations sprinkled throughout my blog.

To be continued…




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